Hi, everyone.

Today in this article I will show you how to deinstall Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c (OEM13c).

Please find below the link to the document used to perform this procedure:

1 – Copy the deinstallation script that is inside of the OEM HOME directory, as oracle user:

mkdir -p /tmp/deinstallOEM13c
 cp -p /u01/software/em/middleware/sysman/install/EMDeinstall.pl /tmp/deinstallOEM13c/EMDeinstall.pl
 cd /tmp/deinstallOEM13c

2 – Execute the deinstall script as below:

/u01/software/em/middleware/perl/bin/perl /tmp/deinstallOEM13c/EMDeinstall.pl -mwHome /u01/software/em/middleware -stageLoc /tmp/deinstallOEM13c

You will be prompted to enter the following passwords: (SYS, SYSMAN, ADMIN for Admin Server)


Enter the SYS Password :  
Enter the sysman Password :  
Enter the Admin Server password :

3 – At the end of the process you will receive the following messages:


'detachHome' was successful.
  Logs successfully copied to /u01/app/oraInventory/logs.
   return value is : 0
Deleting the instance home
Deleting the em home
The deinstallation of OMS is successful.
The location of the file is : /etc/oragchomelist